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South Campus Pool 

4900 South Willow Springs/Gilbert Road
Western Springs, IL  60558                                                      

North Campus Pool

100 South Brainard Ave
La Grange, IL 60525                                                                     


Snail Mail

PO Box 61
Western Springs, IL 60558

 Board Members

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 Email the Head Coach  jwaldorf@lyonsaquatics.com
 Swim Coaches                
 Lead Coach National   Joey Waldorf  jwaldorf@lyonsaquatics.com
 Lead High School Coach  Joey Waldorf  jwaldorf@lyonsaquatics.com
 Lead Coach Gold  Joey Waldorf  jwaldorf@lyonsaquatics.com
 Lead Coach Silver  Paul Busse         pbusse@lyonsaquatics.com
 Lead Coach Blue  Julie Jackson  jjackson@lyonsaquatics.com
 Lead Coach Red        
 Julie Jackson  jjackson@lyonsaquatics.com
 Lead Coach Bronze  Liz Wilp  lwilp@lyonsaquatics.com
 Lead Coach White    Liz Wilp  lwilp@lyonsaquatics.com
 Assistant Coach  Megan Jensen   mjensen@lyonsaquatics.com 
 Assistant Coach  Doug Eichstaedt  deichstaedt@lyonsaquatics.com
 Assistant Coach  Kurt Johns  kjohns@lths.net
 Assistant Coach  Julie McDermott    juliemcd5000@yahoo.com


 Polo Coaches                       
 Head Coach  Doug Eichstaedt     deichstaedt@lyonsaquatics.com
 Assistant Coach - High School  Lauren Burel  lmburel@gmail.com
 Assistant Coach - High School  Paul Busse  pbusse@lyonsaquatics.com
 Assistant Coach - Age Group  Mark Forde     fordo73@yahoo.com
 Assistant Coach - Age Group and High School   Adam Hoffer  adammhoffer@gmail.com
Assistant Coach - High School  Bryan Malas  malas@comcast.net
Assistant Coach - Age Group and High School  David Sekula  dsekul93@gmail.com


 Dive Coach                           
 Head Coach  Julie McDermott       juliemcd5000@yahoo.com


 Masters Coaches    
 Head Coach  Paul Busse  pbusse@lyonsaquatics.com

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