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Group Descriptions (updated 11/27/17)


For any questions regarding registration, please email Jennifer at lyonsmanager@gmail.com


Interested in joining the Lyons Aquatics swim team? Tryouts for the Spring/Summer Season have already taken place. Please contact Coach Julie at lyonscoachjuliej@gmail.com with any questions.


Registration Links:

Swim - contact Coach Casey with any questions at cjhnatiuk@hotmail.com

Swim Registration for the 2018 Summer season is now open! You must be already be a member of the club to register for the Summer season. Tryouts have already taken place for this spring/summer.


Water Polo ​- contact Coach Doug at dougeichstaedt@gmail.com with water polo questions

Registration for Summer High School Water Polo is now open - season runs 5/23 through 7/20

The only Age Group water polo players practicing with the club this summer season will be those selected for the JO water polo teams. Please contact lyonsmanager@gmail.com for the registration link for that summer registration link.


Masters - contact Coach Megan at lyonsmasters@gmail.com with questions

Due to the pool maintenance at LT's North Campus this summer, the Lyons Masters program will be off for the summer. We will be back in the Fall!!


Dive - contact lyonsmanager@gmail.com with questions

Dive will return in the Fall!!



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